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Roofing technology has made tremendous strides since the
asphalt shingle was introduced in the early 1900�s.

Aheim Roofing Construction Corp is a licensed and insured contractor providing new roofs, re-roofs, asphalt, slate, shake and flat roofing services

Are you are experiencing leaks, worn and brittle shingles, shingle granules in your gutter or just feel that it�s time to get a new roof

Life Time Warranty

Lets talk about warranties. If you have been to aCA of the big box home improvement stores lately, you have probably seen signs advertising LIFETIME WARRANTIES* for roofing. If you ask the average Aheim roofer or contractor to explain how the lifetime warranty works, most won�t be able to tell you. As a homeowner considering re-roofing your home, We want you to be armed with all of the facts, so we will explain how these warranties work. (For a more detailed explanation of the warranties of each of the major roofing manufactures, see our blog post entitled Aheim roofing warranties explainedThe word lifetime is usually listed as �Limited� Lifetime Warranty. The warranty covers any manufacture defect in the shingles. The first 10-15 years of the warranty provides full coverage at 100%. This is called the initial start period. After this period, the warranty usually prorates at a rate of 2% each year until the 41st or 46th year when it caps at 20%. At this point, your roof will be covered under the warranty permanently, but only up to 20% of the cost of the shingles.

Many major roofing manufactures offer extended warranties if the roof is completed by a Aheim roofing Company that is certified with the manufacture. These warranties extend the initial start period that provides 100% coverage. The warranties also usually require the use of specific materials which are upgrades to materials normally used on the roof. If you decide to get an extended warranty on your house, the investment might be a little more, but you have the assurance that the manufacture is insuring the work that your Aheim roofer did on your roof. Another benefit is that maCA of these warranties are transferable to a new homeowner (for a limited time). This might cause your home to be more attractive to a potential buyer if you are selling your home.

Aheim Roofing is a Select Shingle Master with Certainteed. Our certification allows us to offer the SURE START PLUS warranty with 50 years at 100% coverage for customers that order the Integrity Roof System .



Went well. Provider contacted me ahead of time, and we reviewed what needed to be done. Worker showed up on the scheduled date and performed the work.Read more.

I bought a home that was built in the 60�s. The roof was in terrible condition with multiple layers, brittle plywood and damaged soffits. A few of the ceilings also were damaged. Aheim Roofing Construction Corp replaced the roof and plywood as well as the gutters, soffits and ceilings all within a few days. They have a crew of really hardworking guys that care about quality results. I definitely recommend them and I�d hire them againRead more.



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